When To Potty Train

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Changing nappies can be one of the most unpleasant jobs that parents have to carry out, so starting training will come as a great relief. The one thing that you must remember is that this will by and largely be your child’s decision and while you can promote it, you can’t force it. Encouragement is going to be the keyword here, and knowing just how to potty train, as well as understanding when to potty train, will mean the difference between success and failure.

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If you start to think about training at about 18 months you will be heading in the right direction. It won’t be a thing that happens in a few weeks, but with perseverance and following a few potty training tips, you should soon have dry nights and a lot less washing to do. Try and start during the drier weather as there are bound to be lots of accidents and you will have to use the washing machine a lot. As it can be a stressful time, another tip will be to begin the process when there will not be a lot of disruption as being able to keep to a routine is going to be the major help here. Allow the child to see a sibling or even you using the toilet and let them know what you are doing. Too much pressure can be counter-productive, but regularly ask if the potty is needed. Don’t castigate them for accidents but give loads of praise for successes. Before you know it will be second nature.

Potty Training Tips For Boys and Potty Training Boys In General

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Boys will eventually learn to use the toilet while standing and there is bound to be problems with their aim. There are great potty training tips for boys including putting something in the toilet they can aim at - a ping pong ball or something like it while there are also stickers that can be place inside the toilet and change colour when hit. When considering potty training boys in general, you could buy a potty shaped like their favourite character and be prepared to give rewards. Pull up pants will be ideal during this time, as they will deal with accidents but also be different from wearing a nappy.

3 Day Potty Training and Knowing When to Start Potty Training

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To an extent, your child will let you know when they are ready to start training as they will start to realise that walking around with a filled nappy is not only unpleasant, but that you can fix it. Ideally they will be able to let you know when they are about to pass urine, but more likely they will tell you when they are in the process – not ideal but a step in the right direction. Knowing when to start potty training will make the job much quicker and there are cases of 3 day potty training, and it will be a good idea to see if you can manage this. Getting your child trained in such a short time is going to need you to be dedicated, but the results are worth it. You will need to make the training seem special – it will create a bond between you both and if you use things such as a musical potty, there is the incentive for the child to try.

Potty Training Girls and how to potty train a boys View

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Girls will often want to use the potty before boys so potty training girls can be started much earlier. You can take her to the toilet when you go and see if she will copy, and you can even play games with dolls and teddies – play this game with them. Make sure that you dress her in a way that means it is easy to get her undressed so there are fewer accidents. When you want to know how to potty train, a boys view will be very important. They need to want to do this and also have to have it explained to them why it is important. Point out to both sexes that the seat goes up for boys and down for girls – it is likely that to begin with there will have to be a false seat bought as with a normal sized toilet, they are likely to disappear into the pan without it.

Potty Training in 3 Days and Potty Training Regression

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Potty training in 3 days is going to save you a fortune. No more disposable nappies and a lot less washing when there have been accidents in the night. As the potty needs to be on display it is good that this happens quickly and you need to be dedicated. Start with a flourish, announce today is the big day, remove the nappy and give the child a nice big drink – shocked – well how else will the child need the potty. Every 15 minutes place the child on the pot and hopefully they will use it. If there are accidents, point out that this should not happen but don’t be too harsh – stress is not needed. Once the system works, give lots of praise and a prize. Let the child tell people. The next day is much of the same but with longer gaps in between potty visits. By day three you should just have to ask if the potty is needed and be told when it is.

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So what do you do if things go wrong and all of a sudden the pants and bedding is wet again and you are the subject of potty training regression? Firstly put it in context – they are bound to have a reason and there is no point in getting angry. There could be an obvious change in their life, or it could be something as simple as they are not being wiped properly so feel uncomfortable. Don’t add to the stress as that won’t help and it could just be a temporary blip – they were being over confident in their newly found skill or just did not want to stop what they were doing and got side tracked. Whatever the reason, you got them there once, you can do it again.

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How To Start Potty Training

Once you know how to start potty training, you are half way there. It may not be the best part of parenting, but it does not have to be the most difficult.

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